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The closing stage

The closing stage

Hectic last days were with no doubt fruitful. As we took on a second service for our project we had to prepare a system of lending including evidence, labelling system, storage room and many other requirements. We prepared the equipment rental agreement which determines the obligations of a renter and predicts worst case scenarios and solutions for it a.k.a. liability in boring legal language. A volunteer agreement and code of conduct was also drafted and signed by Jeffrey at the last moment in a proper South Africa style – while load sheding surrounded by candles.

The entire system was explained to Jeffrey and also we equipped his office with a laptop, phone, lamp and other stationery equipment.

As publicity is always welcomed we promoted our both services in form of a poster/flyer and inserted in the local newspaper distributed to the community.

The equipment will be delivered in maximum period of two weeks, meaning we unfortunately will no longer be in Calvinia and Jeffrey will handle the order. We are confident that he will do a great job and are looking forward to his regular updates.