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The Baobabs on the road

The Baobabs on the road


Togo (Kara)

On Sunday we took our first vacation day and went to the biggest Togolese national park in the north. Even being in the off-season we were surprised by the high amount of animals we got to see during our one-hour-Safari tour. Next to local animals like antelopes or water buffalos we even got the opportunity to see zebras imported from South-Africa in their ‘natural environment’, as the guide tried to convince us. From Monday on the so far most exciting days of our stay here in Benin and Togo began: getting up at 5am, sitting for 12 hours at the same place next to the street and making IIIIIIIIIIIIIII. To be more precise, we counted the cars and motor-bikes passing the border to get an idea about the necessity of an international line between Togo and Benin. Luckily we became very good friends with the policemen and customs officers working at the border who served us coffee and beer. Important note: to offer a bottle of beer is a sign of hospitality here thus we even had to drink huge bottles of beer in the morning (for the Belgians among us – no problem at all). Apart from collecting the datas we had a very informative meeting with one of the notaries of Kara regarding the legal aspects of a new bus line and company in Togo.


Benin (Djougou & Parakou)

On our way back to Benin we got to know a rich and friendly Beninese business man who invited us to stay in his guest house in Djougou for one night. We had the honor to have dinner with his family where we got to know not only his authority education style but also the different living standards of the upper social class in Benin. The next morning at 5am was sadly enough our last opportunity to sit next to the polluted street and count the passing motorbikes and cars for some hours. Finally back in Parakou we analyzed our collected data and had meetings with Roeland, Assis and the assurance office. Moreover we had a great party night with new African dance moves and countless pictures of us on almost every smartphone in the club. The upcoming days we prepared our next stay in Togo (Kara) where we further resolve the mystery about the peanuts and visiting probable cities for the new bus-line in the West and North of Togo.

PS: Sorry for not posting any pictures but apparently our internet connection is not strong enough to upload pictures. We will try to find a solution soon.