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Studio Zambia, Zambia

Studio Zambia, Zambia

Communicating socially sensitive topics is always a difficult task to fulfill. However, especially in those countries where such topics do not receive their fair share of public attention but nonetheless have a tremendous impact on the day-to-day life of the people and especially the youth. Last year our AFD team worked on a creative way to solve this problem and put these topics in their well deserved spotlight. Their choice of medium: theatre! Together with the local youth our students prepared the content of a play that was then performed by a local actors group to raise the general awareness for sensitive yet important topics such as HIV and Malaria prevention. This year our second project team will continue the work by aiming at making this successful pilot project a long-term initiative with the potential to be extended to further regions in Zambia.  


  • Handling socially sensitive topics with the necessary care and respect for the students
  • Fostering creative writing processes with the aim of a full out play being performed
  • Explore the financial aspects for an established theatre group to become independent from external sources
  • Develop a possible curriculum that can be used to export the idea to other schools

(Primary) Student Target Group:

  • Psychology/Pedagogy
  • Social Sciences/Cultural Studies
  • Literature/Drama
  • Marketing/Business

Practical information

  • Time on location: 6-8 weeks in the summer
  • Number of students: 4-5