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Ons Team

Ons Team




Enthusiastic explorer looking for opportunities to have social impact.


Entourage Legal:

Sarah Witvrouw

Project Development

Entourage Project Development:

Brecht Bamps

Isis Brangers

Partner Relations

Entourage Partner Relations:

Julie Smets:

Laura Tytgat:

Impact Development

Entourage Impact Development:

Dominique Zandbergen

Nicolas Coucke

Human Resources

Entourage Human Resources:

Julie Van Achter:

Marketing & Communication

Before joining AFD, I wasn’t really sure on how to get involved with issues like sustainability and social impact, even though I had always been interested in those subjects. And now I get to be part of a team that is actively looking for solutions to tackle the social challenges of the world we live in today.

As board member Marketing & Communication, I hope to create more brand awareness and consequently enlarge AFD’s audience throughout the year. I’m also starting my masters in Marketing this year, which I’m confident will further help me with achieving this goal.

Entourage Marketing & Communication:

Astrid Vriens

Melanie Stuckens

Margot Verstreken


Entourage Events:

Rowin Lauwereys

Sofia Essalama

Laura Tytgat

Student Support