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Since our last post a lot of things changed and developed. The project got a whole new dimension so writing this post is full of excitement!

The primary idea of the project of the matching system remains as the core objective of Vevoza. While working on that we visited and talked to many workers and saw a need for a new service – equipment lending. Usually when a person is lucky enough to find a job he is not in possession of the equipment needed for the performance of the work. Therefore, he has to borrow the equipment from somebody else and pay a requested amount of money for that. This results in direct outfall of his income.

With our new, second service we can therefore help workers with keeping the ful amount of the payment received and also provide them with quality equipment!

The focus in the last days was making a list of equipment, tools and materials workers need and later finding them in the appropriate store. Jeroen, Financial Consultant, kept record of all the prices and prepared a financial plan according to the budget available. After all the plan and calculating we headed to the shop for probably the tenth time and purchased the equipment. We were even able to negotiate a 5% discount on quantity.

Luckily, besides the office space the municipality provided us with a storage room where we will be able to keep our equipment. The support from their side could not be better!

Jeffrey is the person taking on the project and running the office after our departure, a young ambitious man. He already approached Veronica in December during her visit first awareness campaign. At the start things were moving at a slow pace, but in the last days escalated fast! So we still have many things to prepare in order to give our baby to Jeffrey!