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Kamutamba, Zambia

Kamutamba, Zambia

The St. Theresa’s Mission Hospital in the northern Copperbelt province is crucial for the supply of medical services for the rural population. However, the Hospital also faced strong monetary constraints it has tried to overcome in the past by implementing so called Income Generating Activities (IGA). These IGAs have so far covered a small shop, restaurant and an agricultural project that produces a range of vegetables for the local market. This year’s AFD-team will continue the work of our previous team that conducted an extensive market research and implemented a paper-based record keeping system. The Hospital would like to go a step further and explore the possibility of implementing an easy-to-use electronic recordkeeping system that can also be used by relatively low-skilled workers without losing the crucial information. Ideally, the team will work on a general framework for such an application and test it in the field during the summer of 2017.


  • Analyse the currently running IGAs
  • Develop a general framework for electronic record keeping
  • Incorporate the need for high user-friendliness and practicality

(Primary) Student Target Group:

  • Computer Science
  • Business/Economics
  • Bio-Engineering

Practical information

  • Time on location: 6-8 weeks in the summer
  • Number of students: 4-5