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Sénérgie, Senegal

The simplicity of electricity!

Right now, 1.6 billion people are living in energy poverty. The majority of low-income population in rural Africa is currently using candles and petrol lights. Simply to charge their cell phones, they often have to walk for miles!

Sénérgie is a start-up social enterprise that wants to provide clean, safe and affordable energy solutions fitted to the needs and abilities of the rural population of Senegal. We believe that access to electricity is a fundamental factor in sustainable development.

After a market study, Sénérgie was founded by a team of AFD students 2 years ago. 

The organization offers the full package of selling and installing small Solar Home Systems, after which extensive after sales service is offered.

Sénérgie has partnered up with a microfinance institution to allow even the lowest income classes to take part, by spreading the purchasing price over several months. They are proud to announce that 30 systems have been installed in the region of Thiès since the commencement of operations May 2015. Working with a local manager and a team of Senegalese technicians, the only way is up from here! You can help this proud AFD start-up!

The new Sénérgie student team will:

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan, tailored to Senegal’s needs
  • Find cost-effective solutions to spread to new regions away from Thiès
  • Investigate new technologies that could be integrated, such as ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ and mobile money
  • Perform fundraising activities and find possible new investors

Practical information:

  • Number of students: 4-5 students
  • Period on-site: 6-8 weeks during summer
  • Knowledge of French required
  • For more info, visit!