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Leuven Projects 2016

The core business of AFD is to give students the chance to work in a multidisciplinary team on a project put forward by an NGO of 4th pillar organization. On the one hand, AFD aims to have durable social impact on developing societies. On the other hand, via the projects we want to offer students the chance to gain relevant practical and international experience. In this section, you can find out which projects we offer this year and what students exactly may expect by taking up this challenge.

Our new projects for the upcoming year will be revealed very soon. Do you want to stay updated about our activities? Follow us on Facebook and attend one of our big info-events at the beginning of each academic year.
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Projects of 2016 - 2017:


An AFD project always revolves around having social impact in the South. It’s the perfect opportunity for every student to convert theoretical knowledge into practical experience, and at the same time both gain international experience and contribute positively to a developing country’s society.

There are typically two types of AFD projects. On the one hand, there are consulting projects where students work on a case for a Belgian NGO or fourth pillar organization that is active in the South. It concerns a concrete demand or problem, for which an answer or solution has to be found. On the other hand, there are entrepreneurial projects that allow students to work together with a local entrepreneur on the development of a start-up in a developing country. Every project creates a tangible positive contribution to the local community and generally has an economic approach. Be sure to take a look at our current projects to get a better idea of what an AFD project is really about.


Students participating in an AFD project will be working during a full academic year in a multidisciplinary team of 4 - 5 students on an advisory assignment in cooperation with an NGO, a company or a fourth pillar in the South or a start-up in a developing country. During the summer months students will go to the South for 6 to 8 weeks to carry out their project in reality. Each AFD-team will be accompanied by a coach with work experience in the South. In this way, students won't have to figure things out all on their own. In addition, there are support teams on which they can rely when having questions. AFD provides support by professionals in the field of Business Economics, Law, Finance and IT. Teams will have meetings with their participating organisation on a regular basis to receive feedback on what they have allready achieved. 

The composition of the team of students will depend on the needs of the project, by which each project requires a multidisciplinary team. Last year we selected AFD students from 11 different faculties. No matter yout academic background, we would like to welcome you at AFD. Motivation is key! 


An AFD project starts mid October and runs during the entire academic year. There are intermediate deadlines and there will be feedback from the principal on a regular basis. After the Easter break, the final presentation takes place and the students will have to submit a report, after which they will work specifically towards their stay in the South. During the summer, the project students travel to the respective developing country to put the project into practice. After their return, they are supposed to submit a final report. Every team member spends around 8 to 10 hours a week on the project. During this time, there will be meetings with the team, potential partners and experts and everyone does some autonomous work as well. Needless to say that throughout the examination periods, the projects are put on hold