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AquaRed weekly update

AquaRed weekly update

Hello there! It’s Caroline here and I have the honour to write our final blog.

On the 28th of July, we did one last trip to a by us yet unseen part of Ghana: Cape Coast. As we already read a lot about the slave trade in Ghana, we were very interested in visiting the slave castles, especially Elmina Castle which was mostly occupied by the Dutch. The castle was very impressive and the dungeons did not leave anyone untouched. Unfortunately, our guide was not a very passionate story teller, but luckily Conrad knew a lot about this part of history of his country and threw in some additional information for the rest of his team.

The next days, together with our sales representative Abigail, Michiel, Laura and I kept flooding the campus with AquaRed water. And it worked! I am proud to say that we officially have a first vendor on campus who, by now, has already sold several AquaRed water bags (30 sachets in one bag). We hope this is the first drop that initiates a wave to every shop on campus, and we are quite confident about this. When the academic year will kick off on the 10th of August, the temperatures will get even higher – which we can’t imagine, as we are already sweating like bears the whole day – and the demand for the shops will increase sharply. We collected the contact information of all these new potential distributors during the last weeks and gave them samples of our water, which they really liked – yes, apparently there are big taste differences between different brands of water. Our sales representative will contact them just a few days before the academic kick-off and from then on AquaRed water can cross the university.

In addition, we noticed that the brand is getting more and more known on campus. As we walk around in our AquaRed-Ambassador shirts, people call us and say they have heard about it and want to know more. We are very delighted that our efforts on campus, even after all the obstacles, do seem to pay off!

Today, the 2nd of August, Michiel – accompanied by many, many souvenirs – and Laura also said goodbye to lovely Africa. I will stay a few more days and will be able to brief Klaas, one of the founding fathers of AquaRed, about our last accomplishment and the necessary steps to be taken in the near future, as he will arrive here one of the next days.

As a final word, I’d like to thank you, our loyal reader, for –hopefully– enjoying our adventures in the enticing Ghana. We have had an amazing experience which will stay with us for ever. Thank you AFD for the opportunity. Thank you AquaRed for the trust in us and all the things we could never have learnt from any book. And of course, thank you Ghana for your inner kindness, you are truly: vrolijk, veilig en veelzijdig.