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An update long overdue

An update long overdue

Team Awesome is complete 

After two weeks of a happy Sénérgie couple hopping around Senegal, our team was finally complete! Max, Marnick and Tessa joined the adventure and they were immediately in for a treat: la Fête de Korite…


Senegal rookies, with beautiful hair

Eid Moebarak!

La fête de Korité, also called Sugar Feast, is an important religious holiday all over the world celebrated by Muslims. It marks the end of the Ramadan, the end of one month of intensive fasting.


First Coupe Africaine for the rookies


Lac Rose


I’m on a jeep!

The day after the big party, when all of Thiès was still recovering, our destination was ‘le Lac Rose’. The lake is known for its pink colour, drawn from an extremely high salt content.   We followed a guided tour in a beautiful ‘quatre-quatre’ to discover the salt mining practice, passing by the place where the finishing point of the infamous Dakar Rally used to be, before it moved to South America. At the end the boys had a real Dead-Sea experience, floating along being carried by the salt.


Lac Rose



Taxi Broes

In typical Sénérgie style, the next weeks became a vivid mix of work and pleasure. Business in Senegal means Dakar; Dakar means Taxi Broes; Taxi Broes means an epic experience!       After the visits to customs buildings, Ernst&Young offices and Orange Money headquarters, we managed to find some leisure time to visit magical Île de Gorée. Here are some snaps!


Team Awesome


New buddy

Of course, after accompanying us during business hours, our baby enjoyed some leisure too…  


It’s the circle of Solar Energy!

The countryside



Never forget your roots… As our customers are and will be our most important asset, we keep a close eye on how the installations are progressing. After Thienaba Kabane, we served the first people in Thiaoun Serere. While Laurent is performing some magic on the rooftop, Aïssatou and Pelle explain the do’s and don’ts of owning a solar system.

Scaling up

The goal of this summer’s AFD expedition was to prepare the scaling up of Sénérgie’s operations around Thiès. First things first: find those villages where the need is greatest! How can you not love doing business in Africa?


Plan of attack!


Academics for Renovation

After closing a rent deal, the team got their hands dirty renovating an attractive little place in the centre of Thiès. In the near future, this upgraded and ‘senergized’ building will serve as the first official Sénérgie retail shop! Operating in the countryside as well as the city opens up promising possibilities of appealing to a large crowd craving basic electrification or simply seeking independence from the highly unreliable grid.



Long story short

Life is good and selfies are still awesome!